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To Whom it May Concern:

I am so pleased with your product, FreeDerm A.C. My back and hip were giving me such pain, yesterday. I was having a dinner party and did not know how I would get through the day. The pain was so severe I had to rest every few minutes. After using the joint & muscle support cream, I was a new woman. Thank you so much. My friend Sandy Wallace?has told everyone about your product. Thanks to her and FreeDerm AC, I can be a happy, active person.


Maria Kwiatkowski

Dear Sirs,

Almost a month ago I started with severe pain in my right arm and shoulder, I didn't know if I had pulled a muscle or injured it somehow and didn't remember doing anything out of ordinary.

? I was not sleeping all through the night and would wake up when pain medication (Tylenol, Ibuprofen) would wear off and I would turn over onto my shoulder/arm. I started looking in the computer under shoulder pain, and came across my symptoms under "Bursitis". I had the inflammation and restricted movement in that arm/shoulder and trouble sleeping. I had gone to a chiropractor in previously thinking that would help to work out the pain and it did not help. I was stressing out and didn't know what to do for the pain.

I have some run on ointment called "Blue-Emu" and that would help for a little while but I don't think it was penetrating down far enough where I needed to get rid of the pain. Also had some ointment called "Biofreeze" from the chiropractor and that was the same effect and helped for a short while. While scanning through the computer for my symptoms 2 weeks ago I came across your ad. I read on it and told my husband about it and he said to order it and go ahead and give it a try. I had not gotten any better in several weeks and could hardly use my right arm because of the pain in my shoulder. I received your cream in several days and began using as directed, hoping to get some relief. I used it 3 times a day.

I was so happy to find out that it did last and did help my pain so I could sleep. I ended up going to a Bone Doctor and he ax-rayed it and didn't find any fractures or cracks. He gave me a "cortisone" shot in my shoulder for the "Bursitis" and the inflammation, and hoped that would do the trick.

It is somewhat sore yet, but not nearly as bad and I continue to use your cream everyday and evening before bead. My husband is a golfer and his wrist bothers him sometimes and he has also tried it also. I would say that so far I am very satisfied and will continue using this product as long as I need it. I would also recommend it to anyone who has pain or problems with inflammation of the joints ect.

Thank you again, and I am so glad that I came across this cream. My jar is half gone already, and I am thankful that it has helped me cope with my pain!


Donna Foley

To Whom it May Concern:

Well, I was skeptical for the first three weeks, then all of a sudden I noticed an improvement. I have bursitis in both of my hips. In November after going to an orthopedic surgeon he diagnosed the problem. He prescribed ice packs, stretching exercises and celebrex. He said that should work and if not he would give me steroid shots. After a month there really wasn't much of an improvement and I asked for a renewal for celebrex, and he gave me a supply for three months. Again, no significant improvement so the realization of getting the shots was evident, which wasn't anything I wanted to do.

On google I searched bursitis and found your website. It sounded very convincing and I thought why not. I'll give it a try. I'm fifty-nine and work hard at keeping myself fit and trim by eating healthy and going to a gym at least three nights a week. I take the aerobics classes and was finding that some of the floor stretching exercises were uncomfortable. Now I have noticed a significant improvement in how far I can stretch the hip joints. Needless to say I was thrilled. With being a very busy woman I have not had time to soak in a tub with the salt treatment, but am taking the supplement and using the cream.

Alleluia, alleluia!!! It really does work and thank you.

Janice LaGreco

To Whom It May Concern,

It has been one month since I received my feederm cream and joint food. The service offered by your company was excellent and very efficient. Using the cream has been very interesting and most helpful. After trying many many topical creams to no avail I was skeptical about freederm ac. I was pleasantly surprised and felt that I had finally found some relief for my excruciating pain. It is so simple, absorbs quickly and works within 15 minutes. Thank you so much for giving me the gift of being pain free. I will certainly recommend it to other sufferers.

Yours truly,

Adina Zuker
(Natural Therapy Practitioner)

Dear Sir,

Thanks for the information I received concerning helping?to stop inflammation and arthritis. After?trying your product, Freederm AC Cream and Joint Support Supplements, I really am able to move around more freely and walk longer without being in such pain. With this plan I am believing God to be completely healed and pain free soon.

Thanks again

Bobby Rountree

To Joint Pain Remedy -

I have tried many creams and medications for my arthritis in my finger joints. I am on my first jar of Freederm AC and have found some good relief. When I get up in the mornings, my fingers are very swollen and sore - very painful. I rub the Freederm in throughly and within too long I feel much better. It helps to take care of some pain and I am able to have better function of my fingers. Getting rid of some of the pain and soreness is definitely important to anyone with arthritis.

I am sending a before and after picture of my hand using the Freederm AC. I am very satisfied with this product and will continue to use it.

Thank you!

Deborah Salmon

Dear Sirs,

I got Rheumatoid Arthritis in July 2005. I went to 3 Doctors and then they found out, after so many tests that I have R.A. I had too much pain. My daughter got information about your product and sent it to me immediately. I started using your product and honestly after using the cream on painful joints and in 1/2 hour the pain is gone. It is a blessing. I will recommend it to all R.A. patientst.

God Bless?& Thank You,

Mrs.?Dhun Parmar


On April 14, 2004 Kevin literally did a face plant on the first turn of the race course. He suffered a broken nose (it was under his left eye instead of centered) and a compound fracture to his left wrist. The ulna was dislocated 3 inches out of place and had to be reconstructed 3 separate times. 4 different doctors told Kevin that he would no longer race again and it was time for him to find a new career. At 32 years old, that was not an option for Kevin. His mother sent us some of the cream and we started to use it daily. Between your products, physical therapy and the dedication of not giving up, Kevin is back on horseback and leading the colony of jockeys here in the Seattle area once again. Kevin swears by your products and has told many of his fellow riders about it. I know that some of the trainers use it on horses when they get sore also. What a wonderful product!!

Jessica B.

Dear Staff of

For quite a few months the life was not so simple. Looking back at the painful span of years of my mother's life with joint pain, I had also accepted that life would never be the same as before my forties. I am 44 now and have been suffering from knee pain for about 3 1/2 years. The pain was not so severe and I continued to deal with it. But on one day in April, about 2 months back, while getting down from my bed in the morning, I lost my balance and was about to fell. It was my right knee which was not able to support me and I got imbalanced once, twice, three times.. and again and again. I could not move out to my office. I consulted my doctor, rather doctors, as I have many of them. But no cure, no relief. For two weeks I was completely confined to my house. I started searching the Net, got a few alternatives and got confused. I took some days to decide and finally on May 14, a good day of my life I can now say, I placed my first order with you. I received my packet in exactly 1 week. On May 21st, it was a day of miracle, I applied the Freederm AC cream on my right knee only, just before sleeping. After 2 hours I woke up and to my surprise there was no sign of any pain in my right knee. I tried to move my leg in every possible direction in order to trace the pain, but no, I couldn't feel it at all. In the morning when I left the bed, my right knee movement was much more smoother than the left one which was almost normal throughout without much pain. Next day I applied Freederm AC cream on my left knee also. Today my life has changed. I feel younger by at least 5 years. I have started jogging every morning. Life is not the same as before my forties, it is better than that. Now my mother has also started using the cream and the supplement regularly. She has started moving out of the house, who was almost bedridden before. I am advising to all who come in my contact. It is better to start it early rather wait for the stage when it becomes more difficult to reverse back.

Thanks a ton.

Ashok G.

Freederm AC support cream Really works. I suffer from Osteoarthritis and my doctor will only give anti inflamitories which could cause serious heath issues after long and continued use. The doctor could not advise me of any other natural product to use. So when I found your site on the internet and decided to give it a try I was really impressed with the results.


Pat Rendle

Having purchased your Freederm AC cream recently I would like to send the following feedback. I have two badly damaged discs in my lower back which are basically inoperable. When I inadvertently damage them further by doing simple physical tasks I am normally out of commission and in great pain for a week or more.
By applying your product I find that I can return to work in twenty four hours.

Thank you. It makes life a lot easier


Clive Browning

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I have been?using your Freederm AC cream?for 2 weeks now and?it has?made an amazing difference?in?my life. I've suffered from knee/groin/hip pain for 4 years and still trying to determine what it is at the moment..bursitis/ITBS syndrome who knows. But I've stopped the gym and started swimming and been applying the cream and have osteo treatment (stretching) and am doing icepacks also. I think my diet has always been quite good but I do have to watch my sugar as that is my weakness. I've left my job (toxic environment) also but have been able to cope for the last 2 weeks with only slight niggles and some days haven't had to apply the cream at all.
I was very sceptical as I've tried everything from pilates, yoga, physio, chiropractor, chinese massage,fish oil, glucosamine/chondroitin, podiatry (orthotics) and spent lots of money but this cream really seems to be doing the trick. I'm about to head off on holiday and I was dreading the pain I endured (from walking) but now feel I'm starting to heal so thank you. I know a lot of people?and have been spreading the word and I hope you get more orders.

Thank you ..Thank you... Thank you!

Denise Menara

You ask to be posted after using your Freederm AC cream. I was very sceptical, but my wife said try it once and see if it's any good. Well I used it and after suffering for 10 months with an arthritic neck for which I tried everything from Osteopath to Physiotherapy. After about a week my neck was so much more flexible and I didn't have any more pain. It was so good that I just forgot about using it. I can't believe the difference it has made. It really has changed my life.

My wife is now using it for her back, that is why I have just placed another order.


Hi Arcangelo,
I recently purchased a jar of Freederm arthritis cream, and as per your request I now wish to let you know how the product has performed.

In a word "amazing". The improvement in my condition occurred within minutes of applying the cream. I was on a waiting list to have hip replacement surgery I have now taken myself off that list, that's how much improved I am.

A few weeks ago I could only tend my garden for a short period of time about half an hour at most, then would have to stop for the rest of the day. Now in the last couple of days I find that I can spend the whole day in the garden completely pain free. Some folk may find this hard to believe, but it is absolutely true.

I would also like to thank you for the prompt service to the UK and your swift response to e mail that i have sent.

Best regards,
Dennis Wright

Hi! I have been suffering with osteoarthritis for a few years now. The last few months, the pain had gotten worse. Out of desperation, I went online for a natural product and found your website. I was impressed to hear about your product and how it helped other people and maybe it could help me too. I ordered your product and within a few days received the Freederm AC Cream and the Joint Support Supplements. I started using the Freederm cream right away and within a couple days, I noticed the pain in my back and hip was noticeably improved. I know that the Joint Support Supplement is repairing and rebuilding my joints and cartilage and for this I am grateful I found this product. Thank you!

Jeanne Fuchs

Hi All,? My name is Coomi and I am 87 years old and I have been suffering from severe arthritis in my legs for several years. My grandkids came across your product Freederm AC and ordered it for me, and since then I have been using it for last 3 years, I like the way it takes the pain away in minutes. I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful product, we have also been telling all our friends about your wonderful product.

Thank you once again!
Coomi Saher

To Whom it may concern:

Just a quick note to tell you how much my wife Dianne?and I appreciate your product. My wife found your website a few months ago while looking for some help with the severe pain she has been experiencing. I ordered a jar based on the information you provided and your money back guarantee. Since then I have ordered several jars for her. While her pain is not totally gone Freederm AC is the only product we have tried that gives her relief. She has been able to cut her intake of pain medication by about 75%, enabling her to stay a lot more alert than she was able to in the past. She has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, an affliction that the medical profession seems to know very little about. Thank you again for your superb product!? I am attaching a photo of her holding our youngest grandson just taken recently. Prior to using your cream her pain was too unbearable to even hold him. Now she is able to pick him up and shower her love on him!

Thank you again,

Dan Arbuckle

I was trying to find something for my pain without using drugs and thank God my man was looking on the computer for something that would help and he came across your site. I had my doubts and started reading what others had to say about it. The best thing I have done with my money was to place an order. The cream helps in just minutes. I also ordered the joint supplement and I feel that I can walk better. I will be ordering more because in short, IT WORK'S. What can I say but a big THANK YOU.

Wilma H.

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